Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery

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Vaginal Birth After Having a C-Section (VBAC)

Learn the facts about VBAC so you can decide if this is right for you. You had a cesarean section with your first baby. Now you're pregnant again an

Here Comes Baby! Signs and Symptoms of Labor

Find out how to tell the difference between real signs of labor and false alarms. Many pregnant women expect a textbook-perfect labor. The obvious s

Elective C-Section: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Unnecessary surgery can pose risks for mother and baby. By now you are probably starting to develop a plan for your delivery day.   In most bir

Doulas: Helping Hands for Childbirth

Learn about a doula’s role during labor and delivery. In many societies throughout history, women have helped other women give birth. They pre

Considering Episiotomy

When is an episiotomy a choice versus a necessity? Being pregnant is an exciting and anxious time. You may want to jump straight to picking out name

Cesarean Section: Your Questions Answered

What to expect if you’re having a C-section. A cesarean section, commonly called a C-section, is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby. The b

5 Ways to Have a More Satisfying C-Section

If you’re planning a C-section, here are some tips to help you feel more involved. Some moms-to-be know in advance they will be having a cesar

Vaginal Birth Basics

What to expect when baby is finally ready to be born. Most babies are delivered vaginally, or through the birth canal. It is the method most patient

Frequency Used Pregnancy Acronyms

AF: aunt flow (period)BF: breast feedingBFN: big fat negative (pregnancy test)BFP: big fat positive (pregnancy test)CD: cycle dayCH: crosshairs- the l