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Tue, Jun 12, 2018 7:12 PM

The New and Refreshed

The New and Refreshed

Welcome to the new and refreshed community.   We are excited that can continue to be a compassionate online destination to discuss fertility, conception, pregnancy, labor, delivery and parenting. We welcome you to join the conversation so together we can share, support, educate and learn from each other. Here are some of its new features:

· Leaderboard:  We are making it easier for our community to see the site’s top contributors.

· Rank System:  Get rewarded in the community with different badges for your participation.

· Articles:  The community will benefit from clinically reviewed content by Optum, a health and wellness company.

· Mobile Site:  The community will also have a more responsive mobile website.

· Follow Topics:  Within the community, you can follow only topics you are interested in.

· Follow People:  Within the community, you can follow people you are interested in.

· Social Sharing:  When you want to share content from the community to your social networks.