Thank you all for sharing your stories!!! |
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Sun, Jul 2, 2017 12:18 PM

Thank you all for sharing your stories!!!

HI all!! 

I wanted to thank the community for the support it provides to its members. I feel very much a part of something bigger. I know we always tell ourselves that we are not alone. It is, however, in these communities where that comes true! I have been trying for months with my partner and sometimes it feels like there is no end in sight. I appreciate your enthusiasm to help out. I appreciate your willingness to be authentic. And if we share our stories then they turn from one of isolation to one of empowerment for others. We will all get what we deserve! 

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3 years ago

Hi Constance! Your words warm my heart. I nearly got misty eyed.... 

I am also struggling to fall pregnant. It feels like I am riding a roller coaster with no end in sight... Your words make me happy. This community is very supportive. I know that we can each have what we want. Take care of yourself. 

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Welcome to the community, we are glad you find it supportive and valuable.

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3 years ago

Thank you for support. You make me sensitive with these words. I've been struggling with infertility issue for many years. I almost lost my faith to be a mom. We've been through a lot, we failed and moved on, failed and moved on. Finally we got pregnant with the help of de ivf. It gave us a chance to create a family, a fully completed family. 
 I'd like to say this community gave me a lot, it gave a support, nice people, warm words, understanding and hope that everything is going to be ok. 
I want to say thank you all for creating this supportive atmosphere.